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The author of this blog is taking a bold new creative direction.

He is now locateable at

Do not bother with this site anymore, it is to be a GHOST TOWN.

This is the final post wowwee.

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Catch Him If You Can

There is far too much time on my hands and too mas on my mind.

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I recently read the book My Sweet Kitten, whereby said tiny kitten is lost in the forest after it discovers a 'cat-flap' in the toilet, prompting its owners to go all out in a search to recover the helpless animal. Adding to the suspense is the poor kitten's weak hind leg that causes it to walk with a limp. How will the owners ever catch it?

Reading it was an arduous, week-long affair that involved many hours of mind-wracking numbness and monotony. Oh, and i heard they've released a sequel. That would mean my next week will be spent reading it.

Oh and there was a new chemical compound recently discovered too: Mono-Sodium Keratine. It displays the most peculiar properties known to man! The scientists involved managed to isolate it for 2 whole years, before it spontaneously bonded with free-domino radicals. They believe that traces of it may still be available within the vicinity of the Whitley Chemical Sciences Laboratory, and are wasting no time in gathering ALL the local scientific minds they could to re-create it.

I, of course, have been one of the great scientific minds tasked with its recovery.

Other than this, even though Mono-Sodium Keratine has been proven to be highly reactive and explosive, its isolation in the proper maximally-secured test-tube/lead box would have great future applications in pharmaceuticals: Abolishing the PAP Smear and acting as a tranquiliser for the general populace.

Finally, have you heard ofM yopic-SKeletosis? It's this disease running rampant throughout Singapore which leads to dangerously high levels of short-sightness (158cm short, to be exact) and arrogance. Other symptoms include: Thorn-In-The-Sideitis, uncontrollable waste of time and constipation. If anyone catches this bug, please inform the authorities for immediate quarantine.

Hopefully it hasn't yet crossed borders and contaminated other countries.

How many other ways can i NOT speak of his existence and the bane it's brought onto my life?

Bloody MSK.

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What started as a day of intrepid boredom soon spiraled into the greatest literary revolution my life has ever seen.

Those who know me only see me digesting magazines, comics, and essentially information available in bite-sized pieces. The inevitable consequence of too much Coke as a child.

And all this is (indirectly indirectly) thanks to my HUSGUAR wahaha.

In the short span of 1 month, i've finished:

And all this was while erm.. trading loads of academic assistance for financial assistance, going to Brunei for 2 weeks of sandfly-ridden hell and of course, wildly socialising thanks to the car.

RichDad (4.5/5) - BLOODY GOOD and inspirational. Really riled me up about investments and asset management, to the point where i was faithfully reading the Classifieds section simply to scour out the differences in house rental/purchase costs.

Blink (3.5/5) - Very good analogies and anecdotal examples. Other than that falls a bit flat in trying to convince you to 'think without thinking'

Undercover Economist (4.0/5) - Essentially a crash course in basic JC econs, easily understandable even to a triple-sciencer like me!

Paradox of Choice (3.5/5) - Very monotonous and repetitive first quarter of the book which would turn most people off, but then picks up later on and provides gems about the factors that influence our satisfaction.

What the hell do you classify this genre of book anyway??

Non-fiction? Self-improvement? Social theory? Ah whatever it is, i'm sorta transfixed by this now.

Recommend me recommend me!! I need new ones to check out.

Will constantly update as i continue reading!

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The Husguar Matrix

"Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony."

A great man named Morpheus once said that. He was prophesising the advent of a multi-billion dollar series and fattening up the cashcow franchise before its slaughter 2 movies later.


And speaking of machines.... I've got a car.

SO i've got a car.

In case you didn't know, it's mineminemine hands off an MPV (initially) affectionately dubbed 'Morpheus' because its a Hyundai MATRIX.

"Eh?? Hyundai Matrix? Which one is that?" the irritants and those undeserving of life will then immediately exclaim.

Edit: (Me lah, you idiots. paraphrasing the great Morpheus)

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself."

My dream number plate.

Okok see it already right. Damn ugly right.

Shut up. I LUB it too. More than you i'm sure (unless your name is BenCai HAPPY BDAY).

Anyway, as with the demographic youthful male car owner, there is the incessant need to beautify/glammify/pimpify/zeng-ify their new wives.

And as much as i'd like to be above the shackles of stereotyping, i'm too great a fan of cars to pass by this opportunity.

There are my sexy rims:

WGAGAGA :):):) thanks nick/ka/sw
My sexy eyelids:

Its the thingy above the lights. No, not the bonnet you idiot.
My sexy self:

By far the hottest accessory added.

(Hoho people say that self-praise and narcissism is a sign of weakness and insecurity. A small price to pay for stomping all over people's egos when they look in the mirror. Heehee HELLO NURSE *muacks*)

The 'accentuating' continued today! Gaining inspiration while playing with Nubi (also my beloved Valentine, btw), I realised his colour combination matched my car's Black/Silver theme PERFECTLY.

Wah i take horrible photographs (ie the first one). The rest are courtesy of Mr Ho.

Instead of sending him to a taxidermist and tying his stuffed carcass to the rear, I opted to dredge up my 1306987137 Husky softtoys, hold an "American Idol" style audition, and then send the most presentable 8 up on stage.

With Linus as the official event photographer, their photoshoot begins.

The dreamboat host briefs the contestants (and applies velcro to their feet).

Howl do I think of these retarded captions.

Police Lineup in Delicatessen Robbery Case #4.

If you bothered to count, unfortunately, you would have noticed SEVEN instead of EIGHT huskies. The last one that remained was this immensely grotesque cute solid figure that Nick inconvenienced bestowed me with.

*as per Austin Powers* WOAHH!

I HAD to find a place around the car for it.

Does it look good here?

Stoic-ism's his forte.


Husky-shaped Drinks will now be served.

Maybe this..?

Sure to incite Dashboard Confessionals.

What about in this nook?

Sitting pretty (like its owner but without the 'sitting')

Sigh all a bit off, don't ya think?



'H' is for Husguar. Husguar is for Husky Jaguar. Simple maths :)

The Jaguar is SO last year.

And the Husguar Matrix is born.

I am DAMN satisfied with my car now lah got sexy luxury car mascot in the front somemore.

Can act as spoiler break wind leh!

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